Our Story

About Brooke &Blue

At Brooke and Blue, we make denim personal. Through customization, creativity, and craftsmanship, we help our customers express their individuality by transforming an everyday essential into a personalized statement.

Situated in Rockwall, Texas, our boutique proudly presents a premium collection of women’s clothing, with a special emphasis on high-quality denim, catering to those who appreciate exceptional style and individuality.

Hi, my name is Madison Dale and I am so glad you're here!

I am the CEO and founder of Brooke & Blue. Growing up I was inspired by fashion, and always wanted to start my very own store. I graduated from Texas Tech in 2019 with a BA in Communications, and after pursuing different careers, I always came back to fashion. The vision was to create a space for customers to be able to merge fashion with their own creativity and personality. To have your own one of a kind piece.

Denim is a timeless fabric and even when trends change, denim never goes out of style. Brooke & Blue revolves around transforming classic pieces into personalized experiences for our customers. From patches to hemming and bedazzling, we offer a range of customization services to make every piece unique.